CRM Platforms

CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management platforms, are powerful tools that are used to collect leads, categorize them, and keep track of your current sales efforts. By using a CRM, you can track your interactions with your potential customers and improve your sales numbers!

What are CRMS?

CRMS are designed to be a database for all of the leads that you’ve collected, as well as current customers. By organizing all of your contacts into a CRM, you can separate them into categories, add labels, and make notes that remind you and your staff of where each lead is in the buying process. Some CRMs are also able to send customized emails, schedule social media posts, as well as host a variety of content that can be statistically tracked.

What are CRMS?
Manage your customers

Why Should You Use a CRM?

By using a CRM, you can not only prevent repetitive messaging and improve conversations with each prospect, but you’re able to have a unique conversation with hundreds of potential customers simultaneously. For example, if you have 400 email contacts, 100 of them may be existing customers, while the other 300 are leads that you’ve gathered, you wouldn’t want to be sending identical emails to both groups. The CRM is able to separate these groups, allow you to create unique emails, track the number of people who are interested in the content, and gives you the ability to analyze these numbers all in one place so you can.

Maximize Your Business’s Performance

CRMs offer a variety of benefits that allow your business to grow and operate more efficiently. From improved internal communication to an increased number of leads, using a CRM can be transformative for you and your team. Orca Digital’s team is experienced in using a variety of CRMs and can help your business learn how to use the platform, optimize your performance, and manage the relationships you share with your prospects. Contact our team to learn more about how a CRM can improve your ROI today!

Maximize your business's performance