Email Campaigns

Email campaigns have been a trademark marketing strategy for a number of years and have proven to be effective in improving relationships with prospects, customers, and even your own employees.

What is an Email Campaign?

Email campaigns are a set of emails that are intended to guide users along a path that leads them to make a purchase or completing a desired action. The purpose of creating a campaign is to have your contacts see information about a product or service multiple times, track their interest level, and eventually lead them to a sale.

What is an email campaign?
Examples of email campaigns

Example of an Email Campaign

Email campaigns can accomplish different goals depending on what you want your audience to do. For example, you may create a campaign of five emails for any users that have downloaded your content, asked for more information about your business’s activities, or interacted with your staff at a local event. The first email will introduce your new offering or event, while the following emails serve as reminders until the final email, which may be a “thank you” email for those who attended the event or made a purchase. 

By contacting your users several times about the same subject, you can improve attendance at your event or the likelihood that your audience follows through with your intended action!

Optimize Your Time and Efficiency

By allowing Orca Digital to create your email campaigns and track your success, you can spend more time managing your business and following up on leads that have shown interest after interacting with your emails. We will handle designing the emails, separating your contacts, and tracking the analytics that is recorded in the platform and then relays that information to your business so you can begin to operate more efficiently and reach out to those customers personally.

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Maximize you time and efficiency