Inbound Email Marketing

We Help You Stay In Touch and Reconnect With Your Subscribers

Once your users have visited your website, attended an event that your company hosted, or downloaded your content, what should you do? With the help of email marketing, you can use the information your customers have given you to stay in touch with them and remind them that you’re relevant. Monthly newsletters, promotions, and company announcements can allow you to reconnect with users on a weekly or monthly basis and provide them valuable information that increases your chances of earning their business.

Stay Connect with your customers

CRM Packages

Organization is key to a company's success. Utilizing an all-inclusive customer relationship management platform allows you to keep track of your leads, current customers, and other contacts to neatly organize them into groups that can be contacted individually via email marketing.

Email Campaigns

By creating extensive email marketing campaigns, you can automatically schedule messages to your audience based on how they interact with your content. You can choose to email customers once a week reminding them of an ongoing sale or even send automatic responses when users download your content!

Email Marketing Boosts ROI and Maintains Relationships

When you’re constantly in contact with users who are interested in your offerings, it improves the chances that they follow through and create revenue for your business. Check out these impressive statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of email marketing.

Global Email Users
Emails Sent Daily
Of Marketers Use Email Marketing
Build your customers loyalty

Start Building Your Pod Of Loyal Users Today

Orca Digital wants to ensure your users are always “in the know” and are enticed to interact with your business again. Contact our team and learn how you can use the power of email marketing to start increasing your customer lifetime value today!